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Pin-holding Cube Instructions (translated)

В голландском блоге вывесили мастер-класс по кубику. Простая штука. Но голландские подписи меня убивают. Поэтому я их перевела в нормальный язык - английский :) А уж с английского на русский, если надо будет, всегда проще.
Тут оригинал.

Stitch-Creations: Pin-holding Cube Instructions
The original tutorial in Dutch with pictures is here.

Pin-holding Cube Instructions

1. You will need the following materials: 6 stitched squares, a piece of firm paper or cardboard (better of coordinating color with the cloth), double-sided tape or adhesive and fiberfil. (pic. 1)

2. Cut out 6 cardboard squares that are a little smaller than the stitched pieces. One of the squares, which will be the top, needs to be empty in the center, so cut out the center, leaving the border of approximately 1 cm (or 1/2 inch). (pic. 2)

3. Lay your stithed piece with the wrong side up, center a cardboard square over it. Place double-sided tape or a line of adhesive on the edges, then roll the fabric edges over and glue them to the cardboard. Remember to glue the cardboard-with-no-center to the corresponding stitched piece. (pic. 3)

4. When the glue is set, the back of the finished square looks like this. (pic. 4)

5. Make sure the glue is dry or the tape is set before you continue. (pic. 5)

6. Sew two squares together as in a biscornu, holding them with their wrong sides together. Always pay attention to their position, so that the patterns would match. (pic. 6)

7. Sew the 5 squares together so that there appeares a box. (pic. 7)

8. Fill the box with fiberfil, but don't put too much because the upper square has no cardboard center to hold it in place nicely and the top won't be flat. (pic. 8)

9. Sew the top square in place neatly. Insert pins in the top of the cube - it's finished now. (pic. 9)

Note: The tutorial is not mine, it belongs to Anita at Stitch-Creations.blogspot.com
I only did the translation into English.

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